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Like so many across the globe, your business has been affected in some way by the COVID pandemic.

Adapting to current circumstances is a difficult challenge and one which requires businesses to look at how they can best support their employees, and their customers, while keeping up with the constantly changing guidance and advice. That’s no easy task.

We want to bring you the insight and tools to ensure your business can be resilient, not only to COVID, but to future health threats. An environment into which you can bring your workforce with confidence and provide workplace safety is essential in creating a thriving future for your employees, your customers, and ultimately, your business.

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Our Covid Care environment is an ecosystem based on three key factors working together to form a perfectly balanced solution.

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Coupled with symptom tracking, testing is integral in the safe return to work, as well as secure workplace and public-facing business procedures. We provide initial screening, as well as ongoing testing, so you can establish a regular program giving greater insight on the health status of your workforce, and confidence to your customers.

Immunity Passport

Our platform gives users a confidential and secure digital record of their health data, from test results to regular symptom tracking, without giving away personal, identifiable data. Using Immunity Passport gives businesses the ability to keep up to date with, and follow, changing regulations without compromising the safety and privacy of employees or customers.

Immunity Insights

Customisable reports and integration with your existing systems increases the quality of your insight and your ability to act in the best possible way. You can also ensure your business stays ahead of the game with safe operating protocols, and a robust compliance audit trail.

Antibody tests look for the body’s antibody response to the virus, usually from an individual’s blood, and can be divided into two categories:

• Laboratory tests using blood drawn from the arm by a healthcare professional. Results take a few days to arrive and can be highly reliable – up to 99% accurate.

• Rapid tests usually require just a drop or two of blood from a finger prick. These tests can be taken anywhere and give a result in less than 15 minutes. Accuracy is between XX and XX%.

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We have a robust supply chain and a highly experienced team working to ensure that the tests we use are the very best available today. Competitive pricing means you can kick-start your COVID care programme effectively, and most importantly, without delay.

Blok BioScience’s core belief is that information regarding an individuals’ health belongs to the individual. That’s why we created Immunity Passport; to give individuals a private, secure way to share their health data with others, as and when they choose to. Companies no longer need to hold personal identifiable health data on their employees.

How it works

Immunity Passport allows users to log their symptoms on a daily basis, as well as the results of any tests taken, to build up a record of their health status.
This status can be shared with a clearly recognisable red/amber/green result, the qualifiers of which can be set in accordance with the requirements of the business, or government guidelines.

Keeping you compliant

We know just how hard it is to keep up to date with the changing guidance and governance in today’s climate. So, we’re evolving constantly to ensure that Immunity Passport gives you the tools to do the same. Businesses can comply with changing regulations, without alienating staff or customers – even facilitating contact tracing without keeping personal identifying information.

You can find out more about Immunity Passport’s unique approach to self-sovereign data here (link to video)

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In unprecedented circumstances, we struggle to predict how businesses, and indeed communities, will be affected. We can, however, learn from those who are ahead of us in the cycle, and use our recent experiences to react quickly.

Future proofing

We are all adapting to new routines and changing the way in which we go about our everyday lives. What once seemed like an unnecessary measure to some, is now accepted by all. Businesses need to prepare to change the way in which they operate, not just in the current climate, but for the foreseeable future.

Trusted by employees and customers

Showing staff and customers that you have taken the right steps in providing a COVID Care environment will give assurance to all who interact with your business. Being able to do this, without compromising their personal data, is an even stronger indication that you have taken a high level of care and concern and can be trusted to do your very best to keep them as safe as possible.

Creating a COVID Care environment that is right for your business is vital. Our expert team can work with you to get the balance right, by understanding how your business works and reviewing your current measures and practices.

Initial screening to establish a baseline of current and previous infection can be set up within a matter of weeks and access to Immunity Passport using our standard set-up is immediately available.

Seamless integration

Your COVID Care environment needs to work alongside your current systems to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Immunity Passport not only gives you the ability to create customised reports, showing information by location or department, but it will also integrate with many HR and BI platforms, through API functionality.

Ongoing support

Our team of experts are specialists in their field and are on hand to share this expertise with you at every step of the way. Your COVID Care environment will be created by our team, and once fully functional, you’ll get regular updates on relevant guidance and governance through Immunity Passport, so you can respond to changing demands of the business almost instantly.

We are, however, so much more than a team of experts – we are also humans, and we know how important it is to apply our human understanding to all systems, and processes. Find out who to speak to, about what, on the next page.

Blok Bioscience
Blok Bioscience


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