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Using technology to enable government and industry to manage outbreaks and mitigate pandemics.

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“You cannot fight a fire blindfolded”

WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

BLOK BioScience brings together global experts in information technology and data security with medical and behavioural strategists, to provide a tangible method of immunity tracking.

We enable government, health professionals and enterprises to have early detection of community outbreaks to understand where immunity lies within the workforce, so that industry can adjust and recover with confidence in the wake of a global pandemic.

Our proprietary platform allows enterprises and individuals or their workforce to register COVID-19 antibody test results. Using GDPR compliant tools that protect an individual's medical data, we can enable your workforce and/or population to get us back to "normal" as quickly as possible by safely returning to work, reintegrating within society and restarting our economy.

Immunity Tracking for Government and Industry

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Immunity Passports for Individuals

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