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Health passport, testing, and insight. Our Covid Care programme is designed by BLOK BioScience to protect the safety and privacy of your employees and customers, helping your business operate through Covid-19 and beyond.

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Covid Care Programme

Test, record, react

BLOK BioScience gives you all the tools to implement a COVID Care environment in your business, no matter your industry or size. All our solutions are flexible and fully customisable to your needs.

Health Apps

BLOK Pass & Verify

Health status recording and verification are crucial for safer environments. BLOK Pass lets you manage safe access to your space, while protecting the privacy of your staff/customers and saving you the burden of storing personal data.

Antigen & Antibody

Covid Testing

Testing ensures the safety of your employees and gives confidence to your customers. We provide you with the most accurate antigen and antibody tests in the market, and help you plan, implement, and run your regular testing programme.

Web Tool

BLOK Insight

Detecting early signs of infection allows you to react faster and protect your customers, guests and staff. We’ll give you customisable reports and integration with your existing systems to increase the quality and speed of your insight.

Get started with a pilot

A pilot is a small scale trial of the COVID Care programme that runs for a limited time, and that gives you the experience and results to understand how the regular programme will work in scale across your business.

Our team will work with you to plan, implement, and run a pilot programme in your business in just a few weeks.

We’ll design your pilot to work in compliance with any legal requirements your business may have to operate during this crisis.

1. Planning the pilot

We’ll work with you to create the right programme for your requirements and desired outcome.


  • Create a strategy to fit your business and determine frequency, duration, and expected number of people
  • Assess your environment to pick the right testing location and map points of entry for access control, if needed
  • Elaborate a bespoke protocol to guide your employees through the execution of the programme in your space
  • Train your employees on how to use the testing, health pass, and reporting technology

2. What we deliver

Depending on your requirements, we can offer some of all of the following:


  • Rapid antigen testing tools and training that allows you to screen any employees or customers at point of entry, telling if they are infected in 10 minutes.
  • Antibody testing and record for employees to show duty of care, alleviating uncertainty of whether they have previously contracted the virus
  • Delivery mechanism (nurse/ phlebotomist/occupational health professional) to administer the tests, if needed
  • BLOK Pass for all employees to automate a self-certification of fit-to-work status by recording symptoms and test results.
  • Reporting capability that allows you to monitor and identify areas at risk of infection

3. Expected results

At the end of the pilot, you will have access to:


  • A report giving you a broad overview of your population’s COVID-related health status
  • Better understanding of any risk areas within your environment
  • The knowledge to build on the protocol and establish the right criteria for accessing your space
  • More confidence from your workforce and customers
  • The option to quickly scale the programme across your business

With the government calling on all of us to play our part in taking measures to minimise risk of infection, we wanted to do all we can to keep our members and team safe as well as provide some level of normality. Teaming up with BLOK BioScience means we can give our members some peace of mind.

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Who is it for?

Implementing a COVID Care environment can benefit industries of all types and sizes – from small companies to large organisations. Examples include:

Public-facing venues

Gyms, restaurants, bars, retail stores, hairdressers all rely heavily on on-site customer interaction. We can help bring customers and staff together in ways that minimise risk and maximise satisfaction.

Schools and Universities

Educational institutions can test staff and students with COVID-like symptoms and get immediate confirmation of the result, quickly confirming positives and reducing time away from class for negatives.


Businesses with large on-site workforces can implement safe work environments, while automatically offering employees real-time HR and official guidance based on their health status.

Sovereign nations

Individuals can use BLOK Pass to securely store and prove any type of health requirement at entry and exit points, allowing for safe access to businesses, public spaces and transport, or across borders.

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About BLOK BioSience

BLOK BioScience is a global biotech company that provides the technology, supply chain expertise, and protocols to help businesses and governments operate as safely as possible throughout the pandemic. Our mission is to enable healthy, more prosperous societies, while protecting the privacy and freedom of people across the planet.

The company is led by a team of experts with decades of experience in business and technology, including almost 20 years combined experience in the biotechnology sector.

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