Take action with real-time insight

BLOK Insight gives you customisable reports and integration with your existing systems to increase the quality of your insight, as well as configurable safe operating protocols and a robust compliance audit.

Privacy-respecting customisable reports

BLOK Insight allows you to build reports based on the aggregate data generated by your employees and customers’ BLOK Pass. This data is fully anonymised, which means their privacy is always protected.  We provides filters that can be stacked and combined to give you granular information on the general health status.


Select results from one or more venues, offices, or departments across your business.


Filter results by population type, like employees, contractors, or customers


Drill down into evidence types, like test results, symptoms, travel history, or close contact

Discover what matters to you

Data from BLOK Insight is granular. You can use multiple filters and parameters to drill down into the information, and answer the questions that matter most to you. At any one time, you can inform your decisions and manage risk based on the criteria that make sense to your business.

  What percentage of your workforce is fit for work

  What percentage has recently reported symptoms

  How many have taken a test, how many tests were taken

  How many are likely infected, or have been infected

  Where are you having spikes in infection numbers

  How many previously infected have recovered

  Where are the pockets of potential immune resistance

How to get started

Do you have questions, or are you ready to get started with your own testing programme? Contact us and our experts will be happy to guide you.