With the goal of “uniting devs to fight the post-COVID risks”, the global hackathon brings together governments, industry, and engineers from all over the world to build beyond the pandemic.

We are proud to announce that Blok has joined forces with the organisers of the Post Covid Hack 2020 hackathon as a workshop partner. The partnership reaffirms Blok’s commitment towards building healthier and more prosperous societies in a post-pandemic world.

Of the partnership, Blok’s CTO Areiel Wolanow said:

“It’s an honour to be part of the Post Covid Hack 2020, and to be able to collaborate with the efforts of a post-COVID society. Moreover, it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to help such an enormously talented group of developers, who are investing their time and effort to bring about this world.”

As part of the educational events throughout the competition, Areiel is delivering a webinar on Why Blockchain Matters, covering the history of commerce from the dawn of history. The webinar is taking place on September 10 at 13h BST, and is completely free. To sign up, please head to the event page.

[EDIT: 15 September: a recording of the webinar has been published].

In addition to the webinar, Areiel will also be in the panel of judges for the competition, specifically for the socio-economic inclusion  track, sharing his experience to help guide developers towards functional solutions – and socially relevant ones.

In good company: industry, government, and academia in collaboration

In addition to businesses and researchers from the tech sector, PCH2020 is also being supported by academic and governmental organisations from the UK and abroad. Gaurang Torvekar, CEO and Co-Founder at Indorse (one of the co-creators of the event), said:

“With COVID-19 having created an even greater reliance on technology, software engineers’ role is poised to have a profound impact on how businesses perform in the post-pandemic era and beyond. This hackathon highlights their growing contribution and is designed to discover how far technology can take us in tackling significant global challenges. We’re delighted to have so many influential partners and supporters on board.” 

Amongst its community partners is the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, a blockchain research and consultancy arm of the University College London. Of the event, Nikhil Vadgama, deputy director of the institution, who is also a mentor and a judge for the hackathon said:

“The Post Covid Hack represents a great opportunity for individuals to come together to share ideas and create novel solutions that can help to mitigate not only problems seen during the crisis but also how we can better adapt to our new normal. This hackathon is a great opportunity to experiment, and the Post Covid Hack’s team of mentors will provide a great deal of support to those looking to build!”  

And the timing couldn’t be better. For Albert Isola, Gibraltar’s Minister for Digital and Financial Services and the event’s official government partner, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a range of new global challenges. He said:

“I am excited and look forward to seeing the dynamic solutions that will arise from this initiative, geared towards helping global communities adjust to the post-pandemic world. We are happy to support and be a part of this great work”.

Blok is in good company. As the event unfolds and talent abounds, the opportunity for new partnerships and fresh ideas also carries the hope of a better future.

For more information on Post Covid Hack 2020, and to sign up for the workshops, head to the event’s website.

About Covid Hack 2020

Post Covid Hack 2020 is an online global hackathon organised by Indorse and Coinsilium, and supported by industry and government partners – including Blok. The hackathon is taking place from August to November, 2020, and is open to everyone, from any country.

Post Covid Hack 2020 aims to alleviate the negative impact of the pandemic by connecting top blockchain actors and companies with talent from across the world. The online event offers a platform for innovators to tackle COVID-19-related challenges by using blockchain technology, while working closely with companies to build their solutions.

About Blok BioScience

Blok BioScience is a global biotech company that provides the technology, supply chain expertise, and protocols for businesses and governments to get our economies back on track during the pandemic – all without compromising the integrity and privacy of individuals. With offices in the UK and Brazil, the company is led by a team of world-class experts, driven by a shared vision of healthier, more prosperous societies.