New technology provided by BLOK BioScience enabled all 48 participants to be tested on site, one hour before the start of the event.


[LONDON, October 26, 2020] BLOK BioScience teamed up with production house Event Eleven to create a safer environment during a two-day film pre-launch event, marking the second successful pilot of the DIAsia point-of-care system in the UK. A total of 48 people were tested with the DIAsia rapid antigen technology, averaging 30 tests per hour. All have tested negative for the coronavirus.

The event took place over the course of two mornings, on the 21st and 22nd of October, at two separate venues in the capital – an office space in central London, and an external location in the southeast, close to Canary Wharf. This milestone has shown the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of the DIAsia testing kit in the field, as well as the reassurance it can provide for safer social interactions during the pandemic.

The requirements

The event’s organiser, production company Event Eleven, wanted to ensure their crew and guests were as safe as possible for the occasion. To achieve this, they’ve established that everyone should be tested before entering the premises, and only those testing negative would be allowed in.

The plan also stated that all tests should be performed in the hour leading up to the event each day. The event’s recurrence, a limited window of time, and the need for immediate results set the ideal scenario for using rapid antigen technology.

The outcomes

BLOK’s commercial director Ed Rayner, working together with a qualified nurse, have successfully tested all 48 people within the time stipulated by the organisers, achieving  an impressive average rate of 30 tests per hour.

Of the pilot, E11’s production manager Miranda House said: “We were really pleased with the efficiency and speed of the testing process which helped us to ensure the safety of all our clients, staff and vendors on site. Blok were fantastic to work with and we hope to work with them again in the future.”

On BLOK’s side, Rayner pointed out that “the impact of getting immediate results in reducing uncertainty is visible, and positive beyond just the obvious health implications. Knowing that everyone around you has been tested can also boost morale of the entire team, but particularly so for those in direct contact with the public. The DIAsia performed perfectly and, with good speed from the nurse carrying out the swabbing, was able to test at a rate of 30 people per hour. We’re happy to be able to provide such a flexible tool to help businesses create safer spaces.”

DIAsia rapid antigen testing kits are available for order from BLOK BioScience, who also provide the guidance for implementing a testing programme in any type of business setting.


About Event Eleven

Event Eleven is an end-to-end event production solutions company. For more than 11 years, the company has produced large scale, interactive events for an expansive array of entertainment and corporate clients, with productions ranging from high-profile film premieres, fashion shows, and award show afterparties to elegant weddings and product launches.