Test your staff or guests on-site in just 15 minutes

Our Covid antigen tests allow you to screen your organisation more frequently, detecting early or asymptomatic cases. Rapid Covid tests can help you prevent Covid outbreaks in your space.

Covid antigen tests enable you to make the right decision based on hard data, rather than having to assess hard-to-pin down symptoms

 BLOK Covid Antigen Test


Immunofluorescence Lateral Flow technology

Detects presence of virus genetic material

Can tell if someone is currently infected

Can detect early or asymptomatic cases

Automated, simple yes-or-no results

 Results ready on-site in less than 15 minutes

 Throughput: 5-50 tests/hour

 Compliant: CE- and NMPA-marked

 Sensitivity: 94% (true positive rate)

 Sensitivity: 100% (true negative rate)

High-frequency, low cost, immediate results

To prevent outbreaks of coronavirus, we must stay ahead of the game and detect the virus before it has a chance to spread.

Achieving this without costly disruptions requires more frequent testing, and a much shorter wait times for results than the current 2-3 days of PCR tests. And to do that at scale, businesses need an affordable, easy-to-use solution they can even implement themselves.

Our BLOK BIoScience Rapid Covid Antigen testing kit offers you all of that to ensure your business continuity during the pandemic. Thanks to its affordable price and fast turnaround, we help you test more frequently and in large numbers, while avoiding the long wait for NHS/Private PCR results.

What we provide

Rapid Covid Test Kit Only: If your organisation has a dedicated healthcare professional to administer tests, you can get started right away. We provide you with testing hardware/supplies, plus guidance on how you can create your own programme.

Bespoke Testing Programme: Our team will work with you to create, implement, and manage a testing programme in your organisation. In addition to the kit, we can provide qualified professionals to administer tests, detailed protocols, health passport, and ongoing support.

BLOK fluorescence immunoassay analyser

Health passport for recording results

Supply of cassette assays and expendables

Bespoke testing protocol design to your business

See Covid Antigen Test in action

Who are Covid antigen tests for

Fast detection times and ease of use are especially useful for businesses that need to regularly test medium to large populations with high speed and low cost – like schoolscare homes, manufacturing plants, events, and logistics. We also offer other types of Covid tests.

Schools and Universities

The high cost and long waits for PCR lab test results can be particularly damaging to education. A single potential infection can lead to days-long isolation for teachers, students, and their families. Rapid point-of-care testing allows schools and universities to greatly reduce these effects at a low cost.

Proactively test staff and students for asymptomatic cases

Reduce the cost of hiring substitute teachers

Reduce unnecessary time away from school while awaiting results

School nurses can administer the test on-site

Care Homes

Care home residents are amongst the worst-hit by COVID-19. Health risks are much higher for the elderly, and social isolation measures take a disproportionate toll on their quality of life. Testing staff and visitors at entry points can prevent internal outbreaks while keeping disruptions inside at a minimum.

Test staff and residents more frequently and at low cost

Avoid unnecessary self-isolation for staff and residents

Enable safer visits with immediate visitor test results

Staff is qualified to administer the test on-site