Test your staff and students on-site in just 15 minutes

Avoid the disruption, cash costs, and reputational damage of sending teachers and students home while waiting days for NHS/private lab results. Our tests allow you to screen your school more frequently, detecting early or asymptomatic cases.

Rapid antigen tests enable you to make the right decision based on hard data, rather than having to assess hard-to-pin down symptoms

 BLOK Rapid Antigen Test


Immunofluorescence Lateral Flow technology

Detects presence of virus genetic material

Can tell if someone is currently infected

Can detect early or asymptomatic cases

Automated, simple yes-or-no results

 Results ready on-site in less than 15 minutes

 Throughput: 5-50 tests/hour

 Compliant: CE- and NMPA-marked

 Sensitivity: 94% (true positive rate)

 Sensitivity: 100% (true negative rate)

Highly accurate results

A recent pre-publication Lancet study showed this solution to have a 94% sensitivity, and a 100% specificity.

No test achieves 100% sensitivity, and 94% sensitivity is extremely high – that means 94% of those who have the coronavirus would be picked up by the test. 100% specificity means that there will be no false positives, so you can be sure that a positive test really is just that, positive.

CE-marked: approved for UK use

The testing kit and analyser machine are CE-marked, meaning they’re approved for use in the UK and Europe.

Your school nurse is qualified to administer the tests on-site.

Established technology

Rapid antigen tests are well-established and used in the diagnosis of other respiratory diseases, like the flu. In the United States, the FDA has granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for multiple antigen tests that can identify SARS-CoV-2 using the same principle of immunofluorescence lateral flow technology.

What we provide

We provide you with testing hardware, supplies, and guidance so you can get your own testing programme running in no time

BLOK fluorescence immunoassay analyser

Health passport for recording results

Supply of cassette assays and expendables

Bespoke testing protocol design to your business

See it in action

Guidance for testing in schools

We also provide you with protocols and suggested guidance so that you know exactly what to do in specific situations during testing, including:

 How to set up a testing programme

 How to perform tests/operate the machine analyser

 Who and how often you should test

 What to do if a teacher/student shows symptoms

 What to do if a teacher/student tests positive

How to react if a teacher/student tests negative

How it works

Testing happens entirely on-site, and require a swab sample, a cassette assay, saline reagent, and the BLOK fluorescence immunoassay analyser – all of which are included in our kit. Even though the process doesn’t require any specialised training, tests must be supervised by a school nurse or other qualified healthcare professional.

1. Collect

Perform swab at the patient’s throat or nose.

2. Mix

Mix swab with reagent in the provided tube

3. Place solution 

Place 3 drops of the resulting solution in the testing cassette

4. Analyse

Insert cassette into the machine and wait for the result

How to get started

Do you have questions, or would like to get started with your own testing programme right away? Contact us and our experts will be happy to guide you.