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No matter the Covid test type, understanding results requires adequate guidance. We always have trained professionals at our testing centres, and provide full written guidance on interpreting test results through our app. Below are the types of tests we can currently provide

Types of Covid tests we supply

Rapid antigen tests

BLOK BioScience’s point-of-care rapid antigen test uses a sample from the throat or nose to detect parts of the coronavirus’ genetic material.

Samples are placed in a cassette assay and inserted into an analyser machine for great precision. Results are ready on-site in just 10 minutes. The system has over 94% sensitivity (true positive rate) and over 99% specificity (true negative rate). 

This test can tell if someone is currently infected with COVID-19 on-site, in under 15 minutes.

Rapid antibody tests

Rapid antibody tests require two drops of blood from a finger prick to detect the presence of two different antibodies for the coronavirus – IgM and IgG. This test can tell if someone has had COVID-19 before, and recovered.

Results are ready on-site and take 10 minutes. Our rapid antibody tests have over 93% sensitivity and over 98% specificity. 

Lab antibody tests

COVID-19 lab antibody tests use blood drawn from a patient’s arm to detect the presence of antibodies of the disease. While the blood is collected on-site, samples are analysed by a laboratory. This test can tell if someone has had COVID-19 before, and recovered.

Results can be picked up via your app after 3 days. Our lab tests have 97-99% sensitivity, and 99% specificity. 

RT-PCR tests

This highly accurate lab test is the same type as currently offered by the NHS. It uses a sample from the nose and throat to check for the presence of the virus. This test is often referred to as “gold standard” in detecting if someone is currently infected by COVID-19.

Results can take up to 3 days to come out, and can be picked up via your app.

Understanding types of Covid tests

What are Covid antigen tests?

Antigen tests look for the presence of the virus itself, usually via a swab taken from the nose or throat. These tests can tell if someone is currently infected, and are most useful for managing safer entry access and transit across your business or service.


What are Covid antibody tests?  

Antibody tests look for the body’s antibody response to the virus, usually from the subject’s blood. These tests can tell if someone has been infected before and recovered, and are useful to map out the prevalence of potential immune resistance within your population.

Tests can be further divided into two categories: rapid (also referred to point-of-care, or PoC) and laboratory (or simply lab tests):

Covid rapid tests can be taken anywhere, and results are readily available after 10 to 15 minutes. They usually require no special training to take, but interpretation should be guided with medical expertise.

Covid-19 Lab tests require a sample from patients, collected by a healthcare professional, that is then sent to a lab for analysis. Depending on the method and on the lab, results can take from a few hours to a few days.

  Establish baseline health status for employees

 Reduce risk for anyone accessing your space

  Detect early signs of an outbreak

  Mitigate the spread before it grows

Benefits of regular Covid testing

Coupled with our health tracking app and insights, testing for Covid-19 is the bedrock for creating safer places and transit.

Supply chain expertise

We only source the most accurate tests from reputable labs in the world. We are brand-agnostic and only work with suppliers that meet rigorous international standards, such as Roche, DIAsia, Wuhan EasyDiagnosis, and Surescreen Diagnosis.

Our tests are CE-marked and evaluated in multiple countries, including the UK. Our supply chain expertise allows us to deliver tests quickly, and to scale depending on your needs.

We are constantly monitoring the market for new developments in testing technology so we can always provide you with the best available options.

1. Assessment

We work with you to assess your requirements and help you decide where and when to use different types of test.

2. Implementation

We provide the tests and expertise to help you establish a regular testing programme

3. Support

Our experts provide ongoing support for as long as you need for the duration of your programme

How to get started

Do you have questions, or are you ready to get started with your own testing programme? Contact us and our experts will be happy to guide you.